The decentralized perpetual trading market has exploded in popularity over the past year, with contract volumes surpassing $1.13 trillion as of September 2023.

FXDX has established itself as one of the leading players in perpetuals with over $415 million in total trading volume on v1 across chains like Algorand, Optimism, and Base. Backed by leading blockchain investors like Ripple, Shima Capital, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Borderless Capital, FXDX is now looking to consolidate its position and accelerate growth with the highly anticipated launch of FXDX V2.

According to InvestorsObserver’s Sentiment Score, FXDX earned a “Very Bullish” rating over the past days based on increases in both price and trading volume.

The bullish sentiment comes as FXDX announced the launch of its v2 platform by consolidating the liquidity currently split across the top perpetual DEXs such as GMX and Synthetix, with upcoming support for exchanges like Hyperliquid and Aevo. With aggregated liquidity pools reaching over $100 million for top assets like BTC and ETH, traders will have access to significantly larger trade sizes without experiencing price slippage and high liquidity cost.

But this is just the beginning – FXDX v2 brings a whole suite of powerful features designed to simplify and optimize the perpetual trading experience.

Key features of the FXDX v2 platform include:

  • Deep Liquidity Aggregation: Consolidates liquidity from multiple perp DEXs such as GMX v1 & v2 and Synthetix v2.
  • Diversified Asset Listings: Trade beyond traditional asset classes such as commodities all from a single unified terminal.
  • Expected $100M+ Liquidity on Top Assets: Deep liquidity for BTC, ETH and other large-caps to support orders greater than 100M+ size.
  • Advanced Risk Management: Robust position management for active positions across different exchanges.
  • Unified Trading Terminal: Trade and manage positions across different deeply liquid perp DEX without switching interface.

About FXDX

FXDX is revolutionizing decentralized perpetual trading, now a $1.13 trillion market. Backed by leading investors and with over $415 million in previous releases, FXDX consolidates liquidity from top perpetual DEXs, enabling over $100 million liquidity pools for BTC, ETH supporting large trades. With liquidity aggregation, diverse assets, robust risk management, and unified terminal, FXDX aims to simplify perpetual trading, pioneering decentralized finance’s future.

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