In an exciting development for the DeFi community, StakeStone, the pioneering liquidity infrastructure protocol, introduces a revolutionary approach to staking assets and liquidity distribution. As the first in its field, StakeStone has made significant strides in the DeFi space by focusing on staking assets on risk-free underlying assets beyond the consensus layer, minting yield-bearing assets like yield-bearing ETH and STONE ETH, and redistributing liquidity across chains and protocols. With a total minting volume surpassing 340,000, StakeStone stands at the forefront of creating an omnichain liquidity distribution network that continuously evolves by integrating application and consensus layers.

StakeStone’s unique selling proposition lies in its innovative architecture that supports multiple staking underlying assets, including ETH PoS staking and Eigenlayer restaking. Designed for scalability and compatibility with emerging staking asset types, StakeStone’s Optimizing Portfolio and Allocation Proposal (OPAP) mechanism ensures transparency and optimized yields for STONE holders. This positions StakeStone as a leader in decentralized liquid staking solutions. Moreover, its role as an application layer liquidity marketplace addresses the growing demand for liquidity in the multi-chain era, creating a dynamic marketplace for liquidity providers and demanders.

StakeStoneโ€™s Steady Backers, Strong Ecosystem Partners and Growing Community

At the heart of StakeStone’s unprecedented journey in reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance are our steadfast backers, influential ecosystem partners, and a vibrant, expanding community. These pillars of support not only fuel our innovative strides in omnichain liquidity solutions but also amplify our impact across the blockchain universe.

With the backing of visionary investors like Binance Labs and OKX Ventures who understand the transformative potential of StakeStone’s technology, we navigate the complexities of the crypto world with confidence. Our ecosystem partners, including leading DeFi protocols and cross-chain bridges such as Mode, Manta, BNB Chain, and Bitget Wallet, enrich our platform’s capabilities, making our solutions more robust and accessible. 

Through deep collaborations with the ETH ecosystem, BTC ecosystem, and various emerging ecosystems, StakeStone has accumulated over 340,000 ETH and engaged with 100,000+ users in liquidity distribution. At the same time, StakeStone is also exploring the creation of STONE BTC to incorporate BTC liquidity into its distribution network.

StakeStone’s Omnichain Carnival: A Community-Centric Extravaganza

StakeStone is excited to announce the launch of their Omnichain Carnival series campaign, which includes multiple waves distributing 6.5%+ of StakeStoneโ€™s total supply as rewards for STONE use cases. 

In the first wave, participants can earn rewards based on the amount of STONE they lock with StakeStone. Additionally, every participant receives an invitation code, enabling them to invite others and earn a 25% commission for each new joiner. A minimum deposit of 0.25 ETH is required and participants will gain a 5% boost in future STONE ecosystem activities, accelerating their point accumulation to 105%. Early access for Omnichain Carnival Wave One began on 27 March 2024 and those who activate their accounts during this period gets an additional 15% reward boost. It has since garnered more than 45,000 signups in 2 days. Once deposits start, deposit STONE to participate and share 3% of StakeStoneโ€™s total supply.

The next three waves will involve community participation on our various partnersโ€™ platforms such as Merlin, BNB Chain, Scroll, Manta Pacific and more, with a key focus on education and extending STONE utility. Stakestone also plans to launch a Loyalty Points NFT system which we will announce more details later this year.

Find out more about the StakeStone Omnichain Carnival here.

About StakeStone

StakeStone is a leading liquidity infrastructure protocol that focuses on staking assets beyond the traditional consensus layer, producing yield-bearing assets, and enhancing liquidity distribution across multiple chains and protocols. With its innovative architecture and commitment to transparency and optimized yields, StakeStone is dedicated to advancing the DeFi space by supporting the minting of assets like yield-bearing ETH and STONE ETH and establishing new standards for liquid assets. StakeStone’s relentless pursuit of transparency and maximized yields drive the evolution of liquid assets, cultivating a dynamic, ever-growing omnichain liquidity distribution network.

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