The meme coin market has experienced volatility in recent weeks, witnessing significant price surges followed by crashes for coins such as Pepe, Wojak, and Milady. Many of these tokens, along with similar ones, are currently in a downward trend.
Nevertheless, meme coin season is far from over, as several other tokens continue to exhibit robust growth. Here are five meme coins that present promising prospects and are worth monitoring at present.

AiDoge AI

AiDoge (AI) encompasses two of this year’s most popular investment trends: artificial intelligence and memes.

During its presale phase, the token has successfully generated over $9.5 million from enthusiastic buyers in a span of slightly over three weeks. What sets AI apart from other coins is that it goes beyond mere speculation and provides tangible utility by fueling the AiDoge platform.

The AiDoge meme generation platform enables users to purchase credits through AI technology, allowing them to create viral memes. Utilizing a blend of powerful artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a dataset comprising images and crypto-related news, the platform generates memes based on text-based prompts provided by users.

Additionally, the AI system learns over time which memes have a higher chance of going viral, incorporating this knowledge into its future creations. Users have the opportunity to earn AI tokens as rewards for their best creations, with fellow users voting them up or down.

Furthermore, holders of AI tokens can opt to stake them, gradually earning credits instead of immediately redeeming them. This widespread staking of AI tokens can contribute to a lockup of tokens, thereby potentially increasing the token’s value over time.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

Introducing Love Hate Inu (LHINU), the upcoming meme coin featured on our list. LHINU serves as the native token for a novel vote-to-earn cryptocurrency platform. By staking LHINU tokens, users gain the privilege of participating in online meme polls and exercising voting rights.

As an incentive, the platform generously rewards users with free LHINU tokens every time they engage in meme polls. Additionally, users have the opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem by submitting poll ideas and hosting their own polls through the platform’s dedicated vote submission platform.

To participate in the platform’s voting system, users must first stake their tokens for a minimum period of 30 days. Love Hate Inu implements a real-time staking mechanism to ensure the integrity of the voting process and safeguard users’ funds.

LHINU recently concluded its presale event, successfully raising over $10 million. Out of a total token supply of 100 billion, 90 billion tokens were allocated specifically for the presale round.

Copium (COPIUM)

COPIUM is a brand new straight-to-DEX meme coin that has just launched on Uniswap and has already seen huge interest in the community.

COPIUM has also seen major players and whales from Web3 declare their interest in the project. FaZe Banks, a popular YouTuber and one of the founders of FaZe Clan told his 3 million Instagram followers that having sold his initial stake, he is now all in on the project.

Copium has also drawn interest because of its robust tokenomics, hyped invite-only presale, and NFT drop โ€“ as well as its fair launch that allowed those who missed the presale to avoid being dumped on.

The NFT collection has not yet been revealed but has already attracted 30 ETH of volume on OpenSea, with the majority of those who were airdropped holding until after the reveal.

With huge volume and community interest, major exchange listings are expected in the very near future, which should see the price soar even further.

Generational Wealth (GEN)

Generational Wealth (GEN) has been one of the top-performing coins in the whole space since its launch on May 15 and is currently up more than 600%.

However, that price follows a big dip, with GEN having been up as much as 1,500% from its initial price โ€“ which could mean a good time to buy if the project gains momentum again.

The project is based on the popular โ€˜Chadโ€™ meme and, unlike some other meme coin projects, does have a roadmap and some plans for the future.

The website claims that, along with merchandise and rewards for meme creators, it will launch an exchange, host events for the community, and also mention a gym โ€“ although further details are unclear.

The project has quickly risen to a market cap of more than $12 million and with volume of over $30 million, which has continued to increase in the last couple of days.

It is also already listed on centralized exchanges such as LBank and BitForex and is believed to be working on more for the coming days and weeks.

MongCoin (MONG)

For its relatively small market cap, MongCoin (MONG)โ€™s trading volume is incredibly high, generating $51 million in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

That trails only Dogecoin, Pepe and Shiba Inu โ€“ the three top meme coins in the space by market cap.

Its price has been surging but, in the last couple of days, has dipped, meaning it could be a good opportunity to buy in. It is currently up 64% in seven days but is down more than 28% in the last 24 hours.

MongCoin launched in late April 2023, taking off as one of many memecoin alongside Pepe, Wojak, and others. Itโ€™s technically a spinoff of Mongoose Coin, which was coined after the incoherent ramblings of a crypto sceptic and congressman Brad Sherman in December 2021.

Sherman has taken a front seat during congressional hearings lately to discuss the vices of crypto. Some clips of his have been making the rounds on crypto Twitter, where he criticizes โ€œbillionaire crypto brosโ€ for printing their own money and defends the Federal Reserveโ€™s right to do the same.

Having become something of a popular meme himself, thereโ€™s a good chance that memes around Sherman โ€“ and MongCoin โ€“ arenโ€™t quite dead yet. If more make the rounds, they might prompt another rally for this token and others like it!

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