CNG is a groundbreaking initiative designed to streamline the use of cryptocurrency for Web3/AI products. By uniting cutting-edge Web3/AI products under one unified alliance, the CNG Token simplifies the process of issuing, listing, market making, and community building for crypto, providing stability and security for all holders. 

The main objective of the Alliance is to foster collaboration and growth among its members. By supporting and promoting one another, members can share user bases and seamlessly integrate features across products. The CNG Token serves as a common payment method, enabling users to easily access goods, services, or premium features within the alliance. Users are also encouraged to participate in staking, governance decisions, referral or affiliate programs, and earn rewards for their contributions or achievements on the platform. 

Alex Lee, the Product Owner of Changer, one of the products in the CNG Alliance, is excited about the project’s potential: “The CNG token will simplify cryptocurrency transactions for Web3/AI products, opening up the ecosystem to a broader audience. Our commitment is to ensure the success of all products within the alliance and provide safety for all crypto holders. Join the CNG Token Alliance today and help shape the future of the digital economy.”

The CNG token ecosystem welcomes diverse Web3, AI, and online and offline products and services. By focusing on inclusivity, the alliance aims to enable everyone to
participate freely in the ecosystem and drive token demand. As the Alliance grows, token usage may evolve according to each participating product’s specific needs and goals, ensuring adaptability and responsiveness to the dynamic Web3/AI and digital economy sectors.

By becoming a member of the CNG Token Alliance, organizations join a collective effort to shape the digital economy’s future. The alliance aspires to establish the CNG token as a primary payment token, accessible and usable by everyone, everywhere. 
About CNG token

The $CNG token, serving as the Alliance’s cryptocurrency, is primed to facilitate numerous cutting-edge Web3/AI products, and its introduction is scheduled for the second half of 2023. The team’s objective is to establish the $CNG token as the most versatile and broadly-adopted cryptocurrency throughout the entire Web3 sector. Chain Partners, a renowned and highly successful Web3 company in South Korea, is at the helm of the $CNG token ecosystem’s growth and progress. For more information, please visit

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