Chain Partners introduces Changer, a groundbreaking global altcoin exchange aiming to redefine crypto trading. With access to over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and a seamless user experience, Changer simplifies digital asset trading. Discover the future of hassle-free crypto trading today.”

In an era where the digital economy is rapidly evolving, managing non-custodial wallets and multiple private keys has become a significant challenge for many.

Changer addresses this issue by offering a streamlined crypto trading experience across 10,000+ cryptocurrencies using a single Google account, eliminating the need for multiple wallets or exchange signups. New digital assets are added weekly based on CoinMarketCap data, ensuring that the platform remains current and comprehensive.

Changer stands out in the crowded cryptocurrency market by providing a unified platform with unparalleled access to a vast range of digital assets. By connecting with more than 200 liquidity providers, including CEX, DEX, DEX Aggregators, and OTC desks, Changer offers trading opportunities that outstrip those of any other crypto exchange currently available.

“Changer represents the culmination of three years of dedicated development and embodies our commitment to democratizing access to the digital economy,” says Charles Pyo, Founder and CEO of Chain Partners. “We firmly believe that Changer will revolutionize how people trade cryptocurrencies by offering a seamless, secure platform that simplifies the trading experience and opens up new opportunities for traders of all levels.”

Alex Lee, the product owner at Changer, adds, “Our mission with Changer is to dismantle the barriers that have stunted the growth of the DeFi market. We’ve tackled the technical complexities and security concerns associated with DeFi, providing a safer, easier, and more reliable option for cryptocurrency trading.”

Changer supports Ethereum-based chains and over 20 Layer 1 and Layer 2-based chains, exemplifying its mission to make crypto trading accessible to all.

About changer:

Changer is a revolutionary Global Altcoin Exchange streamlining crypto trading for traders of all skill levels. Offering access to over 10,000 digital assets and seamless cross-chain swaps, Changer eliminates the need for multiple wallets and signups, allowing users to trade effortlessly using a Google account. Join us and embrace the future of hassle-free crypto trading with Changer today. For more information please visit,

About Chain Partners:

Chain Partners is a Korean-based product builder that has been actively developing Web3 products since 2017. The company has raised $12M in funding so far and employs over 120 employees. Since its inception, the company has created 15 blockchain/crypto startups. With a mission to make technology accessible through innovative products, Chain Partners prioritizes flexibility, agility, and excellence to enhance customer experience. Learn more about Chain Partners at

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