ITs CORN (ICN) is not just any ordinary cryptocurrency; it’s a celebration of the popular Recess Therapy’s original YouTube video, offering tangible rewards to its holders. Powered by advanced blockchain technology, ITs CORN ensures fast and secure transactions, prioritizing efficiency and security.

One of the notable features of ITs CORN is its low transaction fees, making it cost-effective for users to engage in various transactions. Whether you’re sending ICN tokens to fellow community members or making purchases, you can do so without the burden of excessive fees eating into your transactions.

At its core, ITs CORN is an innovative and playful cryptocurrency that embraces the vibrant and enthusiastic community of meme enthusiasts. By combining the worlds of cryptocurrencies and memes, ITs CORN creates a unique environment where individuals can come together and celebrate the creativity and humour that memes bring.

As a deflationary meme token, ITs CORN (ICN) has an initial total supply of 100,000,000,000 ICN. This deflationary mechanism ensures that the supply of ICN decreases over time, leading to potential scarcity and increasing the value of the token. This feature makes ITs CORN an attractive investment option for those looking to participate in the meme token market.


At ITs CORN (ICN), our mission is to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry by celebrating the power of memes. We aim to create a vibrant and enthusiastic community that appreciates the creativity and humour that memes bring. Through our innovative blockchain technology, we provide fast and secure transactions with low fees, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and popular culture, bringing joy and entertainment to the world of digital currencies. By offering a deflationary meme token, we create value and scarcity over time, making ICN an attractive investment option. We strive to make blockchain technology and cryptocurrency accessible to the masses, even to those unfamiliar with its inner workings.


Our ecosystem ensures the security of each transaction through a unique key. Peer-to-peer exchange protects personal and sensitive user data at all times. The public chain over proof of stake allows users to monitor their personal data requests transparently. Verified institutions gain access to specific personal data only with the user’s approval, ensuring complete control over their data.

Boosting Burn Rates and Driving ICN Adoption with an Entertaining Mobile Game.

ITs CORN is boldly increasing the utility and demand for our ICN token by introducing an engaging mobile game for iOS and Android devices. This exciting game provides entertainment and serves as a catalyst to increase burn rates and incentivize the use of ICN, amplifying its adoption.

Our forthcoming mobile game presents users with the thrilling opportunity to win ICN directly or trade their accumulated rewards points for ICN tokens. By integrating ICN as a valuable in-game currency, we aim to bolster demand for the token and actively reduce its total supply over time. 

Our token features a Reflection Mechanism that allows holders to passively earn rewards over time. Anti-Whale Measures prevent excessive influence, ensuring a fair and balanced ecosystem. The Burn Function reduces token supply, driving scarcity and potential value appreciation. Staking is available for rewards and governance involvement, empowering users to actively participate in decision-making processes. 

Automatic Liquidity Provision ensures seamless trading, and our community-driven governance model encourages active engagement from the community.

Join us in the ITs CORN (ICN) revolution, where memes and cryptocurrency converge to create a vibrant and rewarding community experience. Embrace the excitement and innovation that memes bring to the world of digital currencies with ITs CORN. For more information please visit:,

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