CubeBase: the Paragon of Hidden Gems

Finding a safe and lucrative investment in cryptocurrency can be challenging. Even once you find what you are looking for, there is no telling how long you are waiting to be able to make solid profits. God forbid some unforeseen market force turns the market bearish or the project rugs. Finding a project that mitigates these risks is often analogized to a hidden gem. In this instance, Cubebase is that hidden gem! Cubebase, Cubeb for short, is a community-driven project built on the Binance Smart Chain that focuses on rewarding the holders and developing top-notch utilities. This is not a meme token! Cubeb is a long-term rewards project that has massive potential.

To understand this massive potential, a brief overview of tokenomics and utilities is warranted.

Brief Review of the Tokenomics:

CubeBase boasts extremely impressive tokenomics that set them apart from other projects. To start, the total supply of Cubeb tokens is 1 billion with an inbuilt deflationary mechanism that automatically destroys tokens off of every single buy and sale of the token. Since March 1, 2023, over 229 million tokens have already been burned and removed from supply forever. The burn rate on average destroys approximately one million tokens per day, rapidly diminishing the supply!

As already mentioned, Cubebase is a rewards-based token. Holders receive BUSD airdropped to their wallets from every buy and sale that occurs. The airdrops are programmed to distribute every time 5 million tokens are transacted, and conceivably one could see BUSD rewards being airdropped into their wallet every single hour. These distributions are weighted and therefore, a bigger bag increases the size of your reward. This is why so many investors are trying to max out their bags.

As imagined, the tokenomics are managed through a simple tax system applied to every sale and purchase. For the number crunchers, those numbers are 7% tax on buys and 10% on sales. With every buy, 3% goes to the BUSD rewards and 2% each goes to liquidity and to burns. On the sales, 5% go to BUSD rewards with 3% going to the burn address and 2% being applied to liquidity. A deeper dive into the tokenomics can be found in the project’s white paper which is listed at Cubebase. foundation.

To ensure safety and stability, the team has renounced the contract and locked the liquidity for the next 100 years. The developer and project admins have repeatedly shown their dedication to transparency and commitment to making Cubeb a project that is driven by the holders and so therefore, incentivizes diamond hands that are looking to hold for the long haul.

Development of the CubeBase DAO:

Clearly from the tokenomics, Cubeb is a project dedicated to its holders, but they took it one step further with the creation of their DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The team wants to make sure the focus is on the community and considers the DAO the backbone of the CubeBase ecosystem. This is because the DAO will enable all holders a method of contributing to the future development of the project. The DAO will utilize off-chain and eventually on-chain proposals meaning

the DAO’s website will be directly integrated into the smart contract.

The DAO is NFT gated, meaning all holders will have to claim an NFT that gives them access to the DAO before participating. However, the team has also minted limited edition NFTs that will have scarcity and hence, hold value. A holder who wants to participate in the DAO can do so by simply connecting their Cubebase wallet to the website and claiming the NFT. From there they can gain entrance to the DAO and will be able to make unique contributions to the project such as making proposals, voting, and commenting on future plans in the project.

Development of the Trading Engine:

CubeBase is a project that continuously tries to come up with new ways to benefit its investors. Coming up in the very near future CubeBase will release its very own trading engine that will provide users with the ability to execute trades. This engine will be bridged through Binance. Needless to say, this will give the trading engine access to an extensive pool of liquidity and provide a robust trading experience. The level of sophistication being put into this trading engine cannot be overstated! Access to the trading engine will give investors an enhanced trading ability as compared to others and give users a unique advantage in buying and selling crypto.


CubeBase’s tokenomics alone make it a behemoth of a project, providing passive income and an inbuilt hyper deflationary mechanism. However, CubeBase’s outlook is long-term. The team created a project dedicated to their investors, taking nothing for themselves and giving the holders all the autonomy over the project’s direction. It’s safe and stable and its utilities provide a unique advantage to investors at every level of sophistication.

Often investors in crypto like to chase the digital fool’s gold of trendy meme tokens with the only goal of not being the one left holding the bag. Their eyes miss the glint of the hidden gems offering the unique opportunity of consistent, dependable, and steady growth. It’s still early for CubeBase and it is quite literally the proverbial diamond in the rough; the hidden gem people are barely starting to notice. For more information about CubeBase please visit https://www.cubebase.foundation and join the telegram community at https://t.me/CubeBaseTG.

By Nadeem Alam

Nadeem Alam is a crypto enthusiast with strong background in Public Relation, working in the blockchain industry for 4 years. Experienced in developing and executing innovative marketing strategies.

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